New Forest Folk Festival

This was the big item to start the summer off. some interesting family firsts which I will Add into the pages as I get the hang of this system.

A big thanks to all those involved in putting the Festival together and those who delivered it. And of course all those folk who were there to enjoy the music and atmosphere. If it were not for the audience the performers would look out of place.

It is always good to see a Festival grow but it is a shame when Security and Stewards are getting  negative vibes from the folk around based on the argument, “I’ve got away with doing it like this for the last 5 years so why are you telling me not to this year?” Most of the time the answer is that there were fewer people around previously and the spaces didn’t have to be managed so carefully.  Thank you to those who have to face us and smile and be polite no matter what we are behaving like.

The food was as always great and the happy smiling faces at the breakfast bar were a treat.

The Woodland Fringe was a lovely variation and thanks to Wildwood Jack for doing so much to keep it flowing smoothly.  There is a spot at the top of the lane to the Fringe which would probably benefit from a noticeboard with any changes to the Fringe Programme to keep us all aware of what is on and when.

Must sign off now and get this page tidied up.



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