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Welcome back to the Barratt Folk pages. Well, after a spell of practice on the concertina I had dropped to once a  fortnight or less. Not good enough really but just to hamper my practising efforts further I managed to miss the cabbage I was cutting and trimmed my thumb instead. Hope you are all doing better 

So 2020/2021 have blurred into one year but we are now all getting ready for Christmas again. The mixed reaction to the changes around us are disconcerting to say the least. Some places are opening but have claimed immunity from the safety rules about keeping our distance because it is now only a guideline and not a rule .

I have still been listening to Ian Bruce on Saturdays and Sundays   (Or other days when his itinerary has required it) with a variety of shows including introductions to people he has performed with and Solo sessions with Ian. They are  very helpful at a time when we still can’t get to hear performers at our clubs, or can only do so if we feel comfortable with strangers sitting on our laps. If you are still trying to find stocking fillers for folk pop across to his  Web Pages to find out about his recent release on Greentrax  Young Territorial  CDTRAX414 . Or look out some of his earlier pieces which may now be running low on stock.

Looking at the Greentrax Catalogue I notice that the CD preceding Young Territorial on the list (CDTRAX413) is actually by Ian’s brother Fraser Bruce. Now I hadn’t come across Fraser until Early this year but he is also a crackin’ singer and the CD, Every Song’s a Story,  well worth buying and giving it a listen.

If you wish to leave a message about things you think may interest me I look forward to reading the suggestions. If you agree with, like or disagree with what I have said please feel free to send a comment.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the clubs and Festivals when they reopen.

Looking forward to being able to share Event dates.

November Getting colder  
December Get those Christmas Carols and songs practiced and ready  
31st Dec Make sure you have practiced Auld Lang Syne ready to go outside just after midnight to join in a local rendition after the Bells.  
1st January 2022 Things have to get better.  

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