Barratt Folk Songs and Music

Welcome back to the Barratt Folk pages.  I have still failed to practice playing my concertina since last year’s New Forest Folk Festival. Talking of which “Have you got your tickets for next year yet?” And where will the concertina players getting together to practice? Thanks to the lovely group who assembled last year. 

Now the other year I mentioned having found the singing of Fraser Bruce and his CD on Greentrax. Hopefully you have got your own copy of Every Song’s a Story by now. If not hurry up. I did also get a number if CDs from Greentrax in a sale. So look at their website from time to time to see what is available and such.

If you wish to leave a message about things you think may interest me I look forward to reading the suggestions. If you agree with, like or disagree with what I have said please feel free to send a comment.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the clubs and Festivals as they reopen.

Looking forward to being able to share Event dates.

2nd October

Farewell to Sam

Hedge End
4th Oct Wildwood Jack  Winchester

Barratt Folk