Barratt Folk Songs and Music

Welcome back to the Barratt Folk pages. It has been quite a while since I last filled in these pages and I must confess that I  have not been out and about as much as I should have done.  No change there then. The days are drawing noticeably shorter, the clocks have gone back and I still haven’t got out and about any more than I had previously.  Winter is catching up with us all and for many of us that means pains and aches which may well discourage practice. If you have any cures or helps you would like to share here, I look forward to hearing them. If you wish to leave a message about things you think may interest me I look forward to reading the suggestions. If you agree with, like or disagree with what I have said please feel free to send a comment.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the clubs and Festivals which are still waiting to see our smiles and hear our happy voices.

To give some thoughts on what is on in the area.

4th Sing-around Woolston and Bursledon Folk Club


Shep Woolley Gosport Discovery Centre