Barratt Folk Songs and Music

Welcome back to the Barratt Folk pages. Well the guitar has new strings and the concertina has been back out of the box now I need to get on with practicing, both playing and singing, and trying to learn some more songs. I made a mess of the one I tried which was written by Sid Hague from Wigan when I tried it last year. 

Not a terribly good start to the year but we now seem to be getting on top of things. Looking forward to getting back to Woolston and Bursledon  Folk Club this weekend, Sunday 26th January,  Martin Young  will be sharing many exciting facts about the universe. (Such as Are there Mars Bars on Mars.)

Coming soon to Woolston and Bursledon Folk Club the delightful rogue George Wilson bringing a wide variety of music and friends to keep him on the straight and narrow. And then in March Wildwood Jack will be along too, maybe they will have their new album with them. If you wish to leave a message about things you think may interest me I look forward to reading the suggestions. If you agree with, like or disagree with what I have said please feel free to send a comment.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the clubs and Festivals which are still waiting to see our smiles and hear our happy voices.

To give some thoughts on what is on in the area.

January 2020    
26th Martin Young Woolston and Bursledon Folk Club
February 2020    
16th George Wilson Woolston and Bursledon Folk Club
March 2020    
29th WildwoodJack Woolston and Bursledon Folk Club

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