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Welcome back to the Barratt Folk pages. Well, after a spell of practice on the concertina I have now dropped to once a week or even once a fortnight. Not good enough I say but I am struggling to boost my practising efforts. Hope you are all doing better 

So 2020/2021 have blurred into one year but we are now all learning to get out and face one another again. The different aspects of moving out of lockdown are affecting people at different rates, for example musicians may be allowed to practice together but singers are still limited to groups of 6. So Sing around Folk Clubs are still held in abeyance.

The positives, Oban International Shanty  Festival – At Home is offering workshops and a Concert on 5th June and Orkney Online Folk Festival is on from 27th May, over the bank Holiday Weekend.

Our other adventure has been listening to Ian Bruce on Saturdays and Sundays  with a variety of shows including introductions to people he has performed with and Solo sessions with Ian. They are  very helpful at a time when we can’t get to hear performers at our clubs. He does offer an opportunity for those who can afford it to leave a contribution in his tip jar. Pop across to his recently updated Web Pages to find out about his recent release on Greentrax  Young Territorial  CDTRAX414 Some interesting tales of life on it. It even pushed me to opening up my copy of Rudyard Kipling’s Barrackroom Ballads. 

Looking at the Greentrax Catalogue I notice that the CD preceding it on the list (CDTRAX413) is actually by Ian’s brother Fraser Bruce. Now I hadn’t come across Fraser until Early this year but he is also a crackin’ singer and the CD, Every Song’s a Story,  well worth buying and giving it a listen.

If you wish to leave a message about things you think may interest me I look forward to reading the suggestions. If you agree with, like or disagree with what I have said please feel free to send a comment.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the clubs and Festivals when they reopen.

Looking forward to being able to share Event dates.

May 2021 Closed till further notice  
Soon We will return  
27th May Orkney Folk Festival  
29th May 19:00 Ian Bruce Online  
5th June Oban Shanty Festival Workshops – at home Look up Oban Shanty Festival website for details about booking Tickets via Eventbrite

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