Ian Bruce

During the 20 or so years since I first heard Ian at Lichfield Folk Festival at a gig with the Armpit Jug Band our paths have only crossed occasionally until Lockdown stopped us getting out and about but his voice is as powerful and clear as ever and despite having seen copies of Mrs Bruce’s Boys I had failed to take on board that he has a singing brother out there too.

He continues to write engaging songs and perform them whilst bringing out the varied pieces which audiences request from his past repertoires.

Throughout the challenging times he has been providing a show on Saturday and Sunday nights with a tip jar connection for those who can spare something. The links are via Facebook and if you look up Ian Bruce Music there will be a note on there telling what is coming up.

As well as this he has been busy over the Lockdowns and has some new CDs entertain us with. The latest is available from Greentrax and is Young Territorial. It has plenty of humour, pathos and everything you would expect from Ian.

Further details of what Ian is doing and where he is appearing can be found on his website.