Wildwood Jack

I first came across this enchanting duo at the New Forest Folk Festival in 2017. Their performances were really enjoyable. One thing which particularly appealed to me was that their music showed immense flair, skill and happiness, but it was always supporting the vocals in a constructive manner allowing all of us to hear what was being sung.

Adam and Jayne contemplating the day.
Wildwood Jack

When they released their album “Liberty Ship )” I was very glad that I had pre-ordered a copy. Most of the tracks have such feeling oozing throughout that they cling to the mind immediately, but others come and sit beside you and slowly but surely insinuate their way into your psyche. Which are which? I think that part of the pleasure of this duo’s music is that it is not a one size fits all, but rather each of us takes away a different but personal taste from the same offering. (For someone else’s views click here.)

I must be honest that when I looked around their website I was surprised to see Americana listed  as I know that is not a genre which normally appeals to me but from Adam and Jayne I realised that I was not only hearing it but  enjoying it too.Wildwood Jack at New Forest Folk Festival 2019

Oh, and Knitting Ann sends good wishes as well, pleased to say she has been busy knitting us jumpers throughout lockdown.